Solar Pool Heating

When you live in Spain, you might have noticed that we have such nice and warm days where the pool looks very inviting to take a swim, if it weren't for it's temeprature being still low in the spring or fall we often don't use it.

There are two ways to get your pool heated, one is by using an expensive heatpump using a lot of electricity, the other option is to install a Heliocol solar system which in turn nearly doesn't use any power. With this Heliocol solar system you can easily obtain a comfortable 5-7 degrees more, thereby extending your swimming season. In general you can use the pool from april-may till october/november with higher water temperatures.

The system is regulated with a temperature controller where you can set the maximum desired temperature. The system will measure temperatures between the pool and solar panels and will start/stop the circulation pump automatically. 

It is recommendable to install a thermical poolcover also. With the cover you prevent heat from escaping overnight and also it reduces evaporation of your water.

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