About us

About VincenteSOL

Vincent Berrier, Dutch of origin started more than 20 years ago with photovoltaic installations. In 2004 he moved to Spain for a more sunny future. With over 20 years of experience VincenteSol provide you with the best service and high quality solar systems for every thinkable situation. From stand-alone systems in the “campo“ to grid- connected solar systems to reduce on your energy costs.


Plenty of sun brought most of us to the Costa Blanca. Indeed, we experience, on average 320 days (3000Hrs) of sunshine, with solar energy in excess of 2000KWH/m2/a , among the highest values in Europe! Yet, use of the sun as energy source still lags behind other parts of Europe.

Your energy bills continue to increase, also due to the crisis and the lack of indigenous carbon based energy resources in Spain. Energy subsidies are being phased out in the coming years.

We all experienced recent shocks with fill-up of gas, oil or when electrical bills are presented. Meanwhile the traditional high cost of solar equipment has come down, while reliability has greatly improved. Low or near-zero maintenance is now achievable with equipment, which overall costs now reaches “Parity” with electrical energy prices, as registered by your meter.