Geothermal - The cheapest way of Heating & Cooling

As part of our on-going work to beat the high costs of heating homes we developed and refined an old established method of using earth-heat , abundantly available around the globe, but only rarely used by home-owners. Hotels, Airports and other commercial buildings use this all the time. Most require costly bore-holes or ground-loops, unattractive for home-owners.

On the Costa´s we see most  swimming  pools unused during the winter-months; we developed an inexpensive way to use these pools in winter as "free" heat-source for home heating! 


Our equipment produces ample hot water at 45-55ªC for about 20-25% of the normal cost of electricity. This cost is further reduced to 9-15% during night-time electricity rates. No more oil or gas to purchase! If your home is without Iberdrola, our systems will work perfectly on Solar (PV) electricity. 


Our Ecoforest.´s Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps are noiseless, fully automatic, guaranteed, and made by a jewel spanish company , mostly known over the last 40+ years for its famous, wi-fi enabled  "Pellet-stoves". Their advanced Heat Pumps (W2W) are exported worldwide, but are little known in Spain. 


Spanish regulation stimulate such systems, replacing the need for solar systems, as a pre-requisite for new homes since 2005, and provide each homeowner with an A or B Energy rating, almost automatically. Also, grants are applicable for up to 35 % of installed costs, since the energy source is 100% "renewable" 

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